1. I know it’s not his line, but it really looks like he’s getting too old for this shit.

  2. Matt Lauer

    When the fuck did he turn into Randy Jackson?

  3. TobiasFunke

    Looks like Jules went to Big Kahuna Burger, a few hundred times.

  4. Doctor_Joystick

    I’m King of tha Motherfuckin’ WORLD!!!

  5. On set at Tyler Perry’s reboot of Titanic.

  6. cc

    That’s one fuck of a boat.

  7. He’s getting a little bit too much sun. Or maybe not.

  8. Raaaaaaaa

    imagining himself as t-pain??

  9. Jack

    I’m tired of these muhfu–….ahhh, f*&!! it……

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    “What in the worldl is Travolta doing to that man…Aw HELL NO!!”

  11. Adidas: All Day I Dream About Sailing… motherfucker.

  12. Biff

    Where is my damn Super suit!!?

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