1. *through his clenched teeth* “Smile, and look happy to be with Mr. Belding!!” (holds gun to back of woman and pushes her toward the camera)

  2. If he’s trying to hide behind her, it won’t work.

  3. And here we meet James Gandolfini’s “special” brother, Tom…

  4. Juch

    From “Saved by the Bell” to “Dinner Bell”.

  5. EricLR

    Is he trying to get back on a new version of Saved by the Bell or Hee Haw?

  6. Mr. Belding’s not ashamed to date one of his students.

  7. “Who am i with?! hahaha, I dont fucking know. Im going to snort some cocaine and kill her in my limo!”

  8. bonerspunk

    How on earth is it possible he gets to bang that and I’m stuck with meth heads and coke fiends?

  9. What’s a cougar with daddy issues supposed to do?

  10. Mr. Belding is doing alright. That Saved by the Bell money must still be pretty good.

  11. It’s a shame when Dennis Haskins’ escort looks better than anything Corey Feldman has paid for.

  12. ” girl pretty… me like girl…ooooh man take at man “

  13. …posing with a nearly life size cutout…

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