1. Little Tongue

    This one has clearly given up — before she was even born…

  2. Wow, talk about cleansing the palate.

  3. Was she caught in a sudden downpour?

  4. EricLR

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the target demographic for “Girls”.

  5. Even Bill Clinton is thinking to himself
    “meh….I’ll pass.”

  6. She got her mothers looks…poor girl never had a chance.

  7. I totally would.

  8. See what happens when you have Cuban tobacco in your DNA?

  9. I thought she might blossom into an attractive woman, but… Didn’t happen.

  10. Jesus, she’s a human cankle.

  11. crb

    Jowls at that age?

    Damn, give some of your momma-fat to Sarah Jessica Parker.

  12. cc

    I wish they hadn’t cancelled Rock at Night. I thought it was pretty good. Now we’ll get more Dateline reruns instead.

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