1. JC

    That’s a lot of douchebag for just one boat to hold.

    • A slick of AXE body spray, Lime-A-Ritas and KY trailed this boat for miles; douching everything in its path.


      1973 Barrack Obama is a fan of all white meat.

  2. I think he’s on steroids.

  3. Good, he’s on steroids… That worked out so well for Aaron Carter…

  4. ♫ The Douche Boat, soon will be making another run… ♫

  5. Pine Table Fever

    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates
    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates
    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates
    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates
    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates
    Please be a ransom photo from Somalian pirates

  6. Where’s Sharknado when we need it.

  7. rospo

    one magic day, he’ll be soooo ashamed of those tattoos.

  8. Anus

    Where are the chicks …..?


  9. EricLR

    Weakest gang since Upper East Side Story.

  10. Mo

    ok, who is going to be the first one to give me my testosterone injection, anal style. Wink Wink.

  11. It’s not the first time Justin’s been surrounded by seamen.

  12. (frowning)
    “They all peed on me!!”

  13. I think we can safely call that a “tug boat”…you know why.

  14. MeanMrsMustard

    Now would be a great time to toughen up border security. C’mon Coast Guard- make us proud.

  15. He’s going to love Fire Island.

  16. This week on Celebrity Bachelor…

    Biebs takes a boat ride to a mysterious, watery destination with a boat filled with hot eligibles.

    ::sun tan lotion application contest::

    The competition heats up when fun in the sun turns into nasty game of water sports with our boy Justin in the center of it all!

    ::slow motion of multiple streams pouring over Bieber’s face with his mouth open and shaking his head::

  17. I guess Usher is sharing him out now. Generous.

  18. Beaver has found out a basic truth – nothing attracts trim like a boat on the lake in summer….

  19. It must be nice to be able to afford so many friends.

  20. Always with a shit load of dudes and always with his shirt off. He’s far enough along in his career that some of his fans have to be legal. Why not fill that boat with chicks. Wait, or dudes, if that’s how you roll. Never mind.

  21. That gay cruise appears to be a bit overcrowded

  22. smoozy

    looks like the young george bush

  23. Wow…Justin and his “posse” are so badass!….yea, right!…lol..

  24. Suddenly Ricardo snapped… all those years forced to box for his life in Vietnamese mud pits so soon after being captured just beyond Heartbreak Ridge… forced to box opponent after had bloodied opponent… had twisted his fragile mind. He was a time bomb just waiting to go off… all his mind needed was the oh-so-familiar sound of the boxing ring bell… a bell with a tone exactly like a low-tide buoy bell. Police are still combing the waters for Justin’s head.

  25. Bieber was starting to have second thoughts about snorkeling with the butt pirates when he noticed there was no diving equipment.

  26. Th

    Where are all the blacks? Oh, that’s right, they don’t like water. It must have been awkward for Justine to be around so many white guys.

  27. Ron Burgundy

    Sausage party!

  28. JohnnyHildo

    After a full day of doing guy things that guys do (you know, with guys) they retired to the lake house and re-created the entire summer Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.

  29. Batu Khan

    He looks like that girl on spring break who was just gangbanged by everyone in the picture. – Oh, wait…

  30. cc

    Post-bukkake, pre-cleansing swim Bieber.

  31. cc

    The SS Manho on a three hour tour….a three hour tooooooooour.

  32. Every comment of the week is going to be from this photo.

  33. Finally, someone will teach Bieber the man’s life at sea! Show him man’s ports, gentlemen—Mykonos, Key West, San Francisco!

  34. I didn’t know Wawa had a “Hoagiefest” boat? Learn something new everyday.

  35. I so desperately need attention that I MUST wear my swimming trunks at half mast over my tighty whities. And how come I never get to drive? Its my boat…

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