1. JC

    “Don’t get all riled up, interwebs! It don’t count’ as lezerbean if it’s yer cousin’!”

    • Ms Gomez

      Bullshit… “Lesbian Cousins” is a genre down south.
      It has it’s own section at Blockbuster and all.

  2. Emma Watson's Vagina

    So this is how Miley gets to sing with Lady Gaga.

  3. Not shown: Miley reaching for her strap-on.

  4. MeanMrsMustard

    what is wrong with her boobs?

  5. Cuddles

    Nothing says, “I’m a badass hard core rocker” like bottle caps on your designer leather jacket. The sagging boobs, on the other hand, are working in her favor.

  6. angerinside

    Shewt blow in mah ear hole like daddy does and see if you caine’t get my dang ol booby to puff back up.

  7. Stacy

    Would dearly love to see Miley in a lesbian porn movie.

  8. Hilarious how predictable the outcome of early fame, stupidity and awful parenting is.

  9. Nothing clears the blues away like a fake lesbian experience you can post on instagram.

  10. Dangles the Wonder Mule

    Too funny how these people buy such crap like that jacket.

    Bewbs. nom,nom,nom.

  11. Batu Khan

    This just in: Bookies no longer take bets on whether Miley is a lesbian or not.

  12. Forget the lipstick lesbian, this is full-on dyke on dyke action.

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