1. Polk

    Looks more like a little camel than a little piggy

  2. Little Tongue

    Considering that she’s, like, waaaayyyy over 6 feet tall, I guess that every flap of labia displayed here must be roughly, all proportions guarded, 5 to 6 inches long. That’s a whole lot of labia. o_O

  3. I’m sure Daddy Toe-tally loves this dump dump.

  4. EricLR

    That’s it honey, keep going. Daddy will finally love you if you just piss him off enough, trust me.

  5. Don’s passed out at his keyboard right now

  6. “tell me I’m pretty”

  7. Pickle Nose

    Sometimes I think her face looks a little weird, but this picture make me feel funny in my pants.

  8. Ok, in all seriousness, this is when you grab your 17 yr old daughter by the hair and drag her ass behind closed doors and take her phone for a couple years.

  9. Cock Dr

    Predict that she’ll be doing a Playboy shoot in the future. She obviously LOVES to be photographed.

  10. Drundel

    Damn that is a big camel tow.

  11. Holy fucking camel toe.

  12. That looks delicious.

  13. TheCynic

    This girl knows what she’s doing. A born tease. Daddy didn’t give her enough attention.

  14. Joey

    She knows exactly what she’s doing. She posted the picture, and just who is taking a picture of this child in see- through panties, what kind of pervs are these people. I hate people…

  15. Somewhere a dromedary is limping on 3 hooves…

  16. cc

    It’s a bald win!

  17. Whatever happened to matched lingerie?

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