1. Weeblo

    So happy to see Pauly can finally marry his boytoy

  2. EricLR

    Which one of these men is homeless?

    Ha! Trick question!

  3. Nice melon. Must be another client of Victor Conte.

  4. broduhjenner

    seen here shooting Encino Man part 2

  5. caley

    -”Hi paparazzi! I’m so excited to be meeting Pauly D!”

  6. Can’t believe those are adults.

  7. angerinside

    You’re right bandana man, you are probably more famous than him as of right now.

  8. “Brad Pitt? Oh I thought you said Brad’s pit.”

  9. I don’t blame him for wearing sunglasses and a truckers cap. Even Pauly Shore doesn’t want to be seen with Pauly Shore.

  10. Someone needs to tell Pauly that the trucker hat look is OUT! Dude next to him looks like he’s been living in cave and just met a ‘star.’

  11. Idiot Savant

    Which one is the weasel?

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