1. If he doesn’t actually believe he’s shaking his shadow’s hand, then this world makes no sense anymore…

  2. Hugging his imaginary friend?

  3. EricLR

    He’s been hanging out with Clint Eastwood’s invisible Obama.

  4. Smell My Hair

    “And this is my good friend, Elvis.”

  5. Cage stole Manti Te’o's girlfriend…not cool Nic, not cool.

  6. broduhjenner

    waiting for his career, I see. “come on…make an appearance. don’t be shy.”

  7. He’s reaching for the Koch.

  8. I’d like to introduce y’all to the one responsible for picking the movies I’m in.

  9. angerinside

    Even he has not clue where the fuck his talent ran off to.

  10. I’ve heard of Shadow Boxing… and now Shadow Groping.

  11. The last straw was the signed contract for “Happy Madison presents–Marcus Hooper: Fart Assassin 3D”. Finally, inevitably, Nicolas Cage’s shadow took what was left of its dignity and left him forever.

  12. bendover

    frozen ground- that is the name of his hairpiece I’m guessing

  13. See, when I do this it looks just like the Aflac duck..

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