1. Nice pimp cane.

  2. “Let us pray the Pimp’s prayer. Lord, please pray for the soul of this bitch and guide my pimp hand and make it strong Lord, so that she may know a ho’s place. Amen”

  3. Prince Charles’ Food and Farming Summer School? What sort of lessons do they offer? Overseeing the Commoner, Drawing and Quartering 101 and of course Caning the Serfs (pictured).

  4. “I don’t see the airplane anywhere.”

  5. Really...?

    Pimpin Ken says, “Dont clown it, crown it!”
    Pimp Pimp !

  6. cc

    I’m glad he got it back from Lance Bass.

  7. Anyone else notice that “visiting stuff” seems to be 99% of the Royal Princes duties? Where’s the crossbows and hookers? Reality fucking sucks!

  8. “I say old bean, this is positively exhausting. What’s this called again?”

    “Standing, sir.”

  9. “Once Mumsy dies, I’LL be the old queen.”

  10. tlmck1234

    I’ll bet he worked up a sweat watching all that farming.

  11. CtF

    Fuck Bitches; rule countries!


  12. Not gay! Oh someone has his eye on your “Royal Arses.”

  13. BB

    “Well then, she’ll be rather deserving indeed of the lashings that await her when she brings the golden Rolls back round–yes, rather deserving indeed. Meantime, I’ll just rest up a bit and use the old twig as a handy leaning post. Ah yes, there we are. Lovely. Hmm…there are rather a lot of pheasants about the grounds this afternoon, aren’t there? Perhaps a little shooting after the lashings, that ought to make a marvellous afternoon of things, yes? Brilliant! Lads, if you could be so very kind as to ready the armory after you’ve delivered my dear harlot to room 35, and let’s try and be more expedient and gentlemanly than last time, shall we? Splendid. Good show.”

  14. “Green acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me….”

  15. “Should we tell him the pink shirt and cane makes him look a little fruity?”

  16. terry

    Hoes ain’t got nothing on me.

  17. Bo Peep

    I have a staff just like that, but I only use it when I’ve lost my sheep or when my hip hurts.

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