1. Mister Plaid.

    He sees clowns to the left of him, jokers to the right….

  2. Slappy Magoo

    “I can’t fucking believe the fucking stewardesses thought Sergio fucking Leone was a fucking cocktail…pieces of shit, I’d only fuck like three of them, tops!”

  3. Don Draper's Dad

    They didn’t ask him to take off his shoes.

  4. KillKrill


  5. JimBB

    Your move, Kevin Smith.

  6. Chandler, getting ready for the 2034 Friends reunion special.

  7. cajunhawk

    You guys wanna know what Like a Virgin was all about?

  8. Motherfucker be eatin’ one too many Royale’s with Cheese.

  9. “Ugh…what doesn’t smell like feet in this place!”

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