1. “Well, technically, it’s not solicitation if I have no money, right?”

  2. JimBB

    Hey, are either of you ladies looking for a leech?

  3. Somebody’s about to get a black eye.

  4. “You guys want to meet Lindsay Lohan?”
    “No thanks.”

  5. “Hey you want a special meet and greet with Lindsay Lohan?”
    “Are you my father?”
    “I gotta go…”

  6. cc

    ‘Hey, did I hear someone say they could use a little pimping out?’

  7. Michael magically appears anytime a woman says “Ain’t that a swift kick in the crotch.”

  8. I…do realize I’m a useless sack of shit, yes. Thank you for reminding me.

  9. Get out from behind that garbage can, ladies. Your vaginas aren’t going to kick themselves!

  10. Oh God. This total ass-hat, low life clown is in my town? Where are the police when you need them??? Who is letting the riff-raff in??? Look at this idiot; trying to pick up the locals…Michael – they don’t look like they’re really into you…

  11. Blob

    “Hey! That’s my fuckin’ can! Put that back!”

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