1. beaver eater

    drake let out a big fart

  2. He looks like a whiny 4 year old girl throwing a tantrum… So basically, Drake being Drake…

  3. Love Brian McKnight’s music. Perfect for a night with the ladies.

  4. The ESPYs, yet another inane, irrelevant “award” show that has been foisted upon us and sponsored by the network that singlehandedly benefits the most from the on- and off-the-field “performances” of petulant, overpaid prima donnas…attended by said brats and the celebrities they emulate. Awesome…

  5. kravdan

    Come on Brian do a Flash jump with me!

  6. Jack

    Is this his way of coming out of the closet?

  7. Swearin

    Hmm, these new Sandals resorts ads are wierd.

  8. “Your love keeps lifting me higher
    Than I ever been lifted before….”

  9. tlmck1234

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Brian McKnight and one of the million nobodies the music industry keeps foisting on us.”

  10. Is he a rapper or a wannabe pirate who happens to be gay as fuck???

  11. The New Odd Couple: One is irrelevant, the other is incontinent.

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