1. Steve R.

    You post photos like this then flag racist comments, that crap.

    • How racist do you have to be to get your posts flagged on here? Good lord man, what horrible things are in your head?

      • Only word that gets your comment sent to moderation limbo is n****r far as I know.

      • Nope – all sorts of odd stuff gets sent to moderation. I was reviewed for re-purposing part of South Park’s “Kyle’s Mom” lyrics in relation to a Katherine Heigl post. Maybe there’s an MPAA-like max number of obscenity uses? I know it isn’t a “just not funny” flag, because, well, pretty much every other post of mine that DID get through.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …how about this: try not making a racist comment …or is that simply all you’re capable of when you see black people doing things? (douche)

  2. PassingTrue

    Where is Spike Lee to call her “mugly” now? (feel free to check out his interview from Playboy a few years back)

  3. lmao. Never heard of that cat Young before, but you can’t hate him for wanting what he wants!

  4. JimBB

    Oh yeah, don’t you wish this denim pants suit were all yours?

  5. Jimbo

    You know he is thinking, Look at me, I am going home to bang a white women….

  6. So Nick Canon changed his last name to Young and started banging more attractive women? What a little scamp.

  7. Guso

    prepare uranus..

  8. “Yeah, I’m fucking Iggy Azalea. Jealous?”

  9. Special Ed Ryan Reynolds is hatin’ hard in the background.

  10. Deacon Jones

    I love her song Fancy, btw….I admit it.

  11. LOL! If a face ever said what everyone was thinking.

  12. Odbarc

    “You thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “That you’re gay?”

  13. donkeylicks

    Speaking of saying it all with your eyes. *see comments of Crystal Hefner picture*

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