1. PassingTrue

    Lady, would a few visits to the squat rack at the gym kill ya?

  2. JimBB

    She’s like the anti-Kardashian.

  3. cc

    So, she’s a lesbian now or did she just hear that they give better head?

  4. kravdan

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess she’s got her mouth open.
    Kristen “Um like (pause) words and (pause) go hotdogs hashtag (pause)(pause) Edward um face junk (pause)”

  5. Even her ass is giving me an angry look.

  6. Wayner

    Please sir, can I come in? I really, really gotta go!!!!!

  7. If it wasn’t for her shitty attitude, she’d be a beautiful young woman.

  8. The Winchester

    Y’all are crazy, Bruce Jenner is lookin’ great!

  9. KtothaJ

    I bet her feet stink

  10. “I heard you direct traffic. Would you like a blow job?”
    “I only park the cars but I could use another job. What does it pay?”

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