1. Genghis Khanstein

    They didn’t finish that dress.

  2. I’m all good with Fity’s reject.

  3. Nipple shields, I hate them.

  4. It’s like 2 death stars on an Asian tranny…

  5. Is anybody else hearing The Emperor’s theme when they look at this picture?

  6. She’s got a nice thickness to her. Very sexy.

  7. “Daphne Joy?” Daph-enitely gonna en-Joy motorboatin’ ‘dem titties!

  8. reginaphilangee

    Target locked on. Engage!

  9. I totally thought this was Chrissy Teigen, and now I feel racist.

    • Oh, damn. I thought it was Teigen too! I’ve been thinking this for at least an hour! Next time I read the photo description!

    • tlmck1234

      I am sure “the Chrissy Teigen” is on the menu at the local plastic surgeon’s office. Probably listed a few items below “the Kim Kardashian”.

      • For a moment or two I also thought this was Chrissy Teigen. Wanna know why? Because they look like they could be sisters and they both are HOTTER THAN PARIS HILTON’S PUSSY AFTER A EURO-TRASH GANG-BANG.

  10. Deacon Jones

    No one will believe me, but this is pretty much what my ex girlfriend, the Philipino stripper looked like

  11. That is a whole bunch of THASS

  12. RocketInMyPocket

    Boobs should not be shaped like that.

  13. …and Daphne Joy would have gotten away from us if it weren’t for those meddling tits!

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