1. PassingTrue

    “Jr.” seems rather redundant.

  2. He should have borrowed Tom Cruise’s shoes.

  3. She looks better from at least 20 yards. But still, blonde, tall, and a shrieker, I’m in.

  4. ultra

    It’s like she’s being presented with a tiny Floyd Mayweather award.

  5. If Jr. is 5’8″ and the amazon is 6’2″, then how tall are those heels?

  6. Mitch

    The black mini-me.

  7. cc

    and in this corner, with a 34 inch reach advantage…

  8. Holy shit! Size for size, she could easily fuck him up in the ring. What a short little shit Floyd is….hahahahahaha


  9. Did he ever fight Dinklage?

  10. kiolb

    i’d watch that smothering vid

  11. Hooper: Mr. Mayweather, stand a little closer to her. I need you in the foreground to give it some scale.
    Mayweather: Foreground, my ass.

  12. She’s a tall drink of water.

  13. I crush bleck man with thighs.

  14. “I’d like to thank all the little people for this Floyd Mayweather Jr trophy…”

  15. Flatliner

    Somebody should fix Floyd up with Khloe. I’m sure she could use a self-cleaning tampon.

  16. MoreMariaNow!!

    geez the award is almost as big as him!!!!

  17. Man, she could use him as a sex toy.

  18. Wow…could Mayweather look any smaller?

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