1. I see the royal protective services are making sure that the Queen blends in with the crowd so she can’t be easy prey for a sniper.

  2. PassingTrue

    Your Highness, we didn’t say “gravy train”

  3. Phil Whitestone

    Looks like someone didn’t read the email about it being orange uniform day.

  4. A new rap group, Queen E and the Popsicle Boys?

  5. Pretty sure I saw this porn already.

  6. chooky

    it’s like a dead pixel on an LCD screen

  7. JimBB

    Somewhere Prince Charles is whispering “Aim for the blue” into a walky talky.

  8. kravdan

    So if she gets B&O, Short line and Pennsylvania Railroads it’s like 200 bucks if you land on any of them.

  9. Didn’t realize San Quentin was on the list of her world tour

  10. Flatliner

    Somebody didn’t get the memo that orange is the new black.

  11. “I’m Queen Elizabeth, and this…is Jackass.”

  12. Blob

    Holland World Cup Squad, 2014.

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