1. If she’s not banging young, hot dudes on the side, she must LOVE money like no one else. Because one day she’s going to realize she wasted the years she was hottest by banging an 85 year old man.
    But maybe she’ll be counting billions of dollars too.

    • Two facts:

      Hef isn’t as rich as you think. Not even close.

      Most Playboy bunnies like old men because they have money, but for sex they like other girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • “Hugh Hefner net worth: Hugh Hefner is an American entrepreneur and founder of Playboy magazine who has a net worth of $43 million. According to paperwork filed during his last divorce, Hugh Hefner estimated his own net worth to be $43 million. His net worth has taken a pretty heavy hit as Playboy’s stock lost over 80% of its value before being taken private in 2011 by Hefner and private equity firm Icon Acquisition Holdings. At the peak of Playboy’s stock performance, Hugh Hefner’s net worth was over $200 million. Interestingly, most people assume Hugh himself actually owns the famous Playboy mansion, but in fact he does not. Playboy owns the house and Hefner must pay an annual fee to cover rent and other expenses like food and parties. Including the room and board for Hefner’s many live in girlfriends. Here is how Hefner broke down his own finances in a recent court filing”

      $43 million is likely inflated.

  2. Really? Most of them like other girls? What fantasy porn land do you live in?

  3. cc

    Her parents must be THRILLED.

    Seriously, if you are that hot (and she is pretty hot) couldn’t she find someone rich and close to her own age to gold dig with? She could probably even find someone rich and attractive.


  4. Flatliner

    Gee, I sure hope Photo Boy is at least getting a free subscription to Playboy.

  5. donkeylicks

    In every picture of Crystal Hefner theres always some bitch in the background saying it all with her eyes.

  6. Bittersweet Lenny

    She’ll never forget that old man smell.

  7. damn, I would love to bury my face in there and just rub all around saying “good doggie…who’se a good doggie”

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