1. JC

    It’s weird how the paparazzi are always bugging Alec. It’s not like he has a wife who takes a film crew with her everywhere to take pics of her pressing her vulva against things.

  2. CT

    That is actually quite impressive.

  3. For any other girl, I would have find that pic supremely hot.
    With her, however, I just find it supremely annoying.

  4. Yet Alec wonders why she only prefers missionary with him.

  5. God damn. She gets more impressive everytime. The positions I’d put her in while I’m laying the pipe will be epic.

  6. Seems a bit much the lengths she goes to in order to gain her stepdaughter’s approval.

  7. She wants me to like this so much so I try to resist.

  8. Really...?

    In my head I like to believe that Alex Baldwin is really Jack Donaghy.

    It makes all the things he says about gays and the media so much more accurate and in character.

    In which case this marriage is one of hilarity and pending implosion, but filled with dirty dirty one-liner sex.

  9. I want to see American Ninja super girl come beat the shit out of this woman.

  10. Is there a joke out there about that pillar being a 2×4 five minutes ago?

  11. Can’t she just take an annoying duck faced selfie like every other self absorbed person?

  12. Finally, a position that actually requires some work and effort.

  13. I’ve been missing these (sorry y’all)

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