1. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Hmm, cruise ship or yacht cabin, and she’s getting into blowjob position, to “pay her fare” or “go down with the ship’, as it were.

    What was that about “comeback” again?

  2. The position she assumed to get that Comeback trophy.
    Obviously, she had to work on ‘both ends’ to get it

  3. Vic

    Who still has a camera nowadays???

    • Some of us actually use a SLR camera you know for holiday,and professional pictures?

      • No kidding. And what about new parents who use a phone camera to take once-in-a-lifetime pics of their newborn in poor lighting? Don’t you love photos where everything has an orange tint?

      • The question isn’t “who still has a camera now a days?”, rather it should be, who takes a picture with a camera and then posts it on instagram? I thought instagram was more of a quick photo taken on your phone and then uploaded. Maybe she has a smartcamera? Idk.

  4. “sigh”, still would

  5. Wally's Beaver

    Is she in the poop deck?

  6. duder

    From that angle, she doesn’t look half bad. I was surprised it was the Lohan since she didn’t look like a dried apricot for a change. A horrible, dried, scabrous ginger apricot.

  7. JimBB

    Apparently had to have a quick replacement for that girl who killed that guy, but they do need a photo.

  8. I really can’t understand the hold she has on me. God dammit, I still would.

  9. Selfie, quick! Before the john come back!

  10. I wonder what sort of military-grade herpes you could get if the CDC were to splice her genes with Paris Hiltons? And why isn’t AMC making a TV series about it?

  11. Making her Craigslist add.

  12. Really...?

    Does the animated version of this gif flash up a $ price in the corner ?

  13. Eejut

    That’s my camera!!

  14. THIS WEEK ONLY: our special Euro Promo, 250/night.

    WARNING: potential side effects include itchy bum, burning firecrotch, freckleitis, accelerated aging and sudden infectious death.

  15. cc

    Geez, by the looks of that room she could have demanded more than a Benjamin for her time.

  16. meeps!

    Not with Photo Boy’s dick…

  17. “This time, I want to get a photo of the cum on my back trophy!”

  18. Michael

    That’s what happened to Naomi Clark?!

  19. Pat C.

    At least she’s giving the public what it wants, for a change.

  20. Damn chameleon, why is it she can still look so damn good when she puts some effort into not being strung out or drunk off her ass? She’s like one of those amazonian poisonous frogs, beautiful to touch, but then once the stuff gets to you it’s all over man.

  21. Senor Trout

    ‘It’s gonna take a couple gallons of Clorox to bleach her asshole.’

    - the poor seaman tasked with that job.

  22. mx3

    dot dot dot

  23. MRF

    Put dick here.

  24. Bittersweet Lenny

    I thought it was Kim Catrall in SITC for a sec! Kim is 57.

  25. This photo would be infinitely more impressive if she weren’t wearing that bikini top.

  26. Just when I think I’m done with her, she keeps pulling me back in.

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