1. Well, I’ve….had….the time of my life…. And I never felt this way before…

  2. Is that a boner in his pants?

    If not, he’s gay

  3. Dick Hell

    There’s no need to fear, under-boob is here!

  4. mamamiasweetpeaches

    “Belen” is a name now???

    • yomama

      Its quite common in Chile (South America)
      I have a cousin who was born there and named Belen. Apparently many girls there have that name.

  5. welldoneson

    This photo belongs on the cover of “how to make people think your girlfriend is gay” magazine.

  6. tlmck

    That is one comfortable looking surf board.

  7. Ashley

    Oh, I understand planking now.

  8. Pretty butt. I take back all of the unpleasant thoughts I had about her on the previous pages. I didn’t comment on any of them but they were rattling around in my head nonetheless.

  9. Colonel Angus

    Activate the doodoo launcher!

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