1. oh yeah

    It looks like her head is gonna cause her to topple over.

  2. Cock Dr

    Need more shots of the purse, which intrigues me.
    If the shoes match it my head will explode.

  3. Henry

    Flatty McFlatterson.

  4. Crissy

    I tell you people those VS wonder bras do, well WONDERS! She should have never killed my fantasy!

  5. Binge Wanker

    Baby and Bloom sucked the life out of her.

  6. Dick Hell

    It started with Katie Holmes and Miranda Kerr but before long Tom was using his telekinetic power to deflate boobs all over the globe…

  7. The Pope

    I love her band, “Robes of Teal”.

  8. cc

    She makes me think of the word ‘pinch’.

  9. CranAppleSnapple

    Bad dress.

  10. flaT

    She honestly looks like a blind girl wildly patting for the door handle…

  11. Blech

    Love the dress, not the Olive Oil hair, but she’s still gorgeous.

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