1. Bless, you fish…. Just… Bless you

  2. “yes sweetheart, we’re definitely catching your good side”

  3. After yesterday’s posts claiming Kelly has implants I did some research, according to which she claims they are real. But several plastic surgeons opine that, while they certainly look real, she very possible MAY have had augmentation surgery. As far as I’m concerned, they’re real until there’s proof otherwise.

  4. Cock Dr

    I recommend the “View Full Size” feature kindly provided above.

  5. No Standards

    That chick is hot.

  6. egg solo

    As a straight woman, I would suffer 20 minutes alone with Chris Brown for 20 seconds with those beauties.

  7. Hank E. Ring

    This photographer deserves the Pulitzer prize for photography.

  8. The Pope

    She drinks to forget that she left Jason Statham for Billy Zane.

  9. cc

    Imagine sitting beside her at dinner and trying to focus on your plate.

  10. She just can’t do wrong. It’s a genetical impossibility.

  11. Snack pack

    There is something fake about this pic, and it ain’t her boobs. How is it possible that three guys and the waitstaff aren’t tripping over each other to fill her glass for her? Does this really happen in her world?

  12. mbcl

    shown wearing a dress from the ‘Benny hill’ collection.

  13. Brit

    Not pictured: Sofia Loren staring at her cleavage

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