1. That train has left the station.

  2. elephantman

    Who is she”?

  3. WHAT. THE FUCK. HAPPENED TO CINDY MARGOLIS. :-O Man, I masturbated to her so many times I STILL have carpal tunnel in my right wrist. Damned shame.

  4. And this chick was the most popular chick on the internet once?

    • Phaid

      No. Back in the mid 90s she made that claim on some talk shows, and since The Internet at that point was a mysterious thing people knew nothing about, they actually listened to her and gave her a talk show and 15 minutes of fame. She was never a thing.

  5. Contusion

    “Hey!…HEY! I ushed to be the mosht downloaded woman on my computer. BURRRRP! NOT ANY MOOOOOORE! But you can download ON me for, like, maybe thirty dollarsh.”

    • Crissy

      Im sure that when she made that statement about being the most “downloaded” woman on the internet she didnt REALLY mean downloaded as we know it…

      • contusion

        In those days, what they meant was, every time a photo was loaded onto a page, people like her that didn’t know real internet terminology, would call it a download. So if there were 40 photos on a page, she would call it 40 downloads every time someone went to that page.

  6. In other news, Kate Upton was visited by the Ghost of Sports Illustrated Past last night.

  7. Binge Wanker

    Would still (and just did) splooge all over those boobs.

  8. cc

    She was very popular on ARPAnet.

  9. Doc said fix my wonk and black tooth but I said if they’re staring at my brand new tits they’ll never notice the other – saved enough money to buy this dress!

  10. jennifer

    that left breast is allllmost as lazy as her left eye. almost.

  11. CranAppleSnapple


  12. The tits are holding up nicely. The face? Not so much.

  13. EricLr

    Still think drugs are cool, kids?

  14. Sancho Berkowitz

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the illustrious Cindy Margolis. The most downloaded woman on the internet ……….in 1999.

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