1. “And I just…. JIZZZED in ma pants…”

  2. it had to be said


  3. It’s clear he’s calling someone a wanker, but I’m not sure who.
    Probably colin farrell is my guess

  4. He reminds me of a very young Cary Grant.

  5. Air Guitar or taking a shit; can’t really tell what he’s doing here.

  6. anny_nonomous

    “Pfff… She thinking I look like Tom Hanks when I make this face.”

  7. DoucheMcGee

    i believe a new meme has been born…

  8. pulling this face is how he lowers his hairline.

  9. EricLr

    Wow, it’s taken his agent this long to tell him it’s over?

  10. Urvag

    I’ve got a turtle head poking out. Squingy ain’t it.

  11. “Please no snake eyes, Daddy needs new shoes”

  12. cc

    That’s the face he made when Sienna caught him with the nanny.

  13. rospo

    ”Oh Sienna, it should’ve been me ! (at least I wouldn’t let you name our daughter Marlowe Ottoline Layng – Law)”

  14. MILF

    “She didn’t notice I have hair plugs!”

  15. Brit

    Never. Trust. A. Fart.

  16. Pine Table Fever

    I pulled that exact same face when I saw A.I. as well!

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