1. That guy gets paid to have sex with it.

  2. Wow, she looks like the boogie man’s wife…

  3. Earning his “Helping the Elderly Cross the Street” patch.

  4. I thought Notre Dame had a hunchback, not a haggard crone beast.

  5. Damn i hope i look that good 10 years after i die too

  6. Joaquin ingles

    “Get back in that watchtower and ring some bells!”

  7. The gargoyles will only hold your hand until you get to the gate.

  8. Nonny Moose

    I think it’s sweet that he’s helping that poor, crazy bag lady. Most people are too put off by the smell of pee to even try.

  9. “Goddamned paparazzi…now they’re caught me holding hands with a black guy!”

    • mismy

      Can’t remember ever seeing her date a black man… but I believe I remember a rumor about her driving through the hood in a limo & having sex with random men from the street of all various races- Guarantee she is batshit insane in bed- vampire dominatrix shit or something!

  10. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Another episode of American Shylock!

  11. Sven Golly

    I’ve seen this movie, watch out for the poisoned blade in the toe of her shoe…

  12. moo

    Another Gary Oldman photo?

  13. Henry

    I wonder how much it cost her to purchase him.

    • Swearin

      And just think, one day, her own adopted black child will make some other creepy, over-sexualized old lady happy!

  14. Contusion

    Do you think she has a type?

  15. Johnny P!

    The French surrounded the entire cathedral with a metal fence drenched in holy water upon news of her impending visit.
    Well played, mes amis….

  16. Turd Ferguson

    those dudes are ugly.

  17. justin

    What a nice picture of a Grandma & her grandson out for a lovely stroll….huh? That’s her what? He has sex with her…

    Takes laptop & throws it out window

  18. fembot

    She looks like a man and he looks like a woman!

  19. Deacon Jones

    “De plane! De plane!”

  20. Dietre

    This week we have a special feature on Sprockets. It is called “East Germany’s Most Disturbing Home Videos”

  21. Dick Hell

    I’d nearly forgotten how chilly Paris is in July.

  22. Half bag lady, half Michael Jackson, 100 percent grotesque.

  23. EricLr

    It’s nice of him to take his mother for walks.

  24. Lita

    Awwww, how sweet, he’s taking Madonna out of the nursing home for a walk.

  25. cc

    Sort of like a stringy, female Inspector Gadget.

  26. Yes, yes…I promised that I’d buy you beer, young man.

  27. Jw

    Do do do do do Inspector Gadget. Go Gadget Go!

  28. “Hey Madonna! Is that the baby you said you wanted to have with Dennis Rodman?”

  29. ArtieMac

    Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington star in the upcoming reboot of “the french connection”. See it in theaters early spring.

  30. welldoneson

    So, this is on the set of her new movie, wherein she plays a WW2 war criminal who hires a young, hip-hop bodyguard.

    Right? Guys?

  31. Anna

    good for her. gross old rich men have been having sex with young hot girls forever. so why not the other way

    • EricLr

      Actually, we make fun of gross old rich men have been having sex with young hot girls here pretty regularly too. I got in a particularly good zinger on George Hamilton the other day for that very thing. Not that he heard it without his hearing aid.

      • Devilish Diva

        It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Middle aged or old folks trolling for young cock or t & a are just gross.
        For once in your life, have some dignity, Madonna.

  32. mbcl

    “Hey Madonna this is a church not a synagogue”

  33. El Jefe

    Nothing weird here, just a grandson helping his grandmother cross the street.

  34. Blech

    “But mooom! You said we would go see Magic Mike. You promised…”

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