1. Josephus

    I’m surprised you can tell it’s Anne Hathaway’s car, what with Justin Bieber blocking the view of the driver.

  2. catapostrophe


  3. You can tell it’s not awards season — her cooter’s covered.

  4. Nothing says self-satisfied bitch quite like burlap pants.

  5. Nonnie Moose

    Wardrobe by Ernie and Bert.

  6. Lena Dunham finally lost a few lbs.

  7. “Your move, Elijah.”

  8. Guy


  9. Waldo’s not even trying anymore, huh?

  10. Ugliest woman in Hollywood.

  11. You sure this isn’t Bieber?

  12. crb

    I see shooting for Juno 2 is going well. Good thing Michael Cera gets pregnant this time.

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    It’s ok, Anne, no one is going to recognise you anyway. No need for false-nose-&-glasses props.

  14. Millhouse from the simpsons.

  15. I remember when this name was attached to a pouty-lipped hottie with the sweetest boobage. Those were the times.

  16. amir

    Snoopy in his/her ‘Joe Cool’ phase.

  17. Why is she wearing Jonah Hill’s pants?

  18. WTFBruh

    JNCO’s are back in style!

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