1. broduhjenner

    i’ll bet you 1000 dollars they’re watching kim’s sex tape

  2. Here’s a picture of the baby falling out.

    Now give me $20k Mario.

    • “Now this angle is INSIDE the womb. I strapped a microscopic camera to Kanye’s sperm so we could get the best angle 9 months later.”

  3. “That’s a really clear feed. You said this is live?”
    “Yeah, isn’t it funny watching Kendall try to escape? I’ve got cameras everywhere in the house. Momma’s next little moneymaker isn’t going anywhere.”

  4. The Sith lord always has an apprentice.

  5. “Ok now this part where she’s double fisting Ray J’s cock…I taught her that!” …said Mario Lopez.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “Wow, so that’s your list of men you’re considering to film pooping on Kendall?”
    “Which one are you gonna go with?”

  7. Pretty sure Mario Lopez keeps his keys in that hole in the side of his cheek.

  8. Like mother like daughter, here’s another kid peeing on North”

  9. “He peed in the bucket? *My* girls would never let that go to waste…”

  10. Nonnie Moose

    And here’s another one of Bruce pretending to be heterosexual…

  11. Ha You’re right! Bruce does look like Jane Hathaway from The Beverly Hillbillies!”

  12. “Here’s my sextape, but it is with me and another guy, do you think you can work with this like you did with Kim?”

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