1. Pickle Nose

    Talk about mailing it in. This movie looks like trash. Sandler’s been in the “CTC” stage of his career for the last 15 years.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Ask yourself: What happened right before this photo was taken to make Adam Sandler rub his sore ass?

  3. “Ah yes, I was wondering what would break first. Your spirit…or your body!”

  4. Nonnie Moose

    Now that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white boy like that.

  5. Jaden Smith is in it?

  6. “He asked me! He asked me! I’ve never *been* so happy!”

  7. Guy

    Is this the premier for that Adam Sandler movie where he dresses like a slob, wears a hat and talks in stupid voices the whole time?

  8. “And THIS is for ‘Don’t Mess With the Zohan’! And THIS is for ‘Jack and Jill’! And THIS…”

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