1. Google April Rose.

    Do NOT Google Kris Murrell. Save yourself.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    I can’t imagine the movie “Grown Ups 2″ having any “stars” in it.

  3. Pickle Nose

    I’d really like to get to know this April Rose. I think we’d have a lot in common. For instance, she’s got huge fake cans, and I enjoy motorboating huge fake cans.

  4. “…and that is how you do reverse cowgirl…”

  5. Nonnie Moose


  6. donkeylicks

    Speaking of steaming piles of shit…

  7. Where have I seen poses like this? Oh, yes.

  8. “Go up to Shaq, you said. Flirt with him, you said. He’s harmless, you said. Kris, if I can ever unclench again, I’m gonna walk over there and beat you.”

  9. “That’s the position you’re going to have to assume if you want to have sex with Shaq, honey.”

  10. hurrdurr

    “So you sit on him like this”
    “Like this?”

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