1. Biggs is right…

    Fat fuck.

  2. He’s a little Biggser…

  3. Pickle Nose

    “Hmm, my moobs don’t feel properly supported. Should I go up a cupsize on the mansierre?”

  4. Those pies were meant to be used for your SEXUAL pleasure, Mr. Biggs.

  5. john

    PIE FUCKER!!!!!

  6. I thought they dumped Bin Laden’s body in the ocean.

  7. He’s been so lonely since Hostess went out of business.

  8. He’s going method for his next movie, American Thigh.

  9. Was he worried his hair was too cool before?

  10. Andie

    His new show on Netflix is awesome.

  11. Bargoyle

    Itsa me, Mario!

  12. sonofsamadams

    David Schwimmer has never looked better

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