1. Odbarc

    If Miley gets to twerk it, I’ll dance like white people! That’ll show ‘em.

  2. The media has obliged his request to not show any more unflattering pictures of Beyonce.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Jay-Z tries his hand at being a living statue just in case his hip-hop career dries up.

  4. Hey, if there’s only one seat, one spectator is a sellout.

  5. He went under that ladder and emerged in that outfit.

  6. Any requests?

    Yeah. Fuck off.

  7. anonymous

    Yep that’s a real OG gangsta pose right there.

  8. He’s like the adult version of Urkel here.

  9. sc4play

    From a distance, thought it was Chris Brown.

  10. amir

    Take note, this is what happens most often to ladies who are curvy AFTER giving birth. It is the exceptional lady who can (will) take off the weight and minimize the spread. You have been warned, that is all.

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