1. broduhjenner

    “I think my newly implemented socialist soda plan is going to do wonders for jabba… errr, I mean your daughter”

  2. “I just want to thank you for the incredible inspiration I received from the charismatic senator who rose up to become…. uhh, for Jar Jar Binks… yeah.”

  3. Han Solo

    “Have you cast Lando in the new movies yet?”

  4. “John, I’m sending an F16 attack squadron to blow off that turkey chin of yours.”

  5. The award is for quitting and letting someone else direct the new movies.

  6. So George Lucas gets a damn medal, and Chewbacca STILL hasn’t gotten his yet for the battle of Yavin?

  7. Brit

    It;s a trap

  8. President Obamam? Sounds racist.

  9. Han shot first or I’m pulling the trigger on that drone strike.

  10. donkeylicks

    If you squint a little his neck fat kind of looks like miniature hands squeezing his real throat, or maybe I’m just projecting here.

  11. Jingo Istic

    George, we really need to have a chat about Red Tails.

  12. “Hey, George, I saw the prequels and fuck you. Next.”

  13. “George, Why did you make the prequels?”
    “I love cocaine!”
    ” Have you ever snorted a couple of lines off an Ewoks ass as it was giving you head?… I have!”
    “Okay… Moving along…”

  14. “…and from what the NSA tells me, American moviegoers are in for a real treat, George.”

  15. the unheard conversation leading up to this picture::

    “…Congratulations, George…. and again, my sincerest apologies about that X-ray earlier. This was his first ‘public’ operation but you don’t get be Secret Service without being thorough.”

    “Was he kicked out? I feel so violated”

    “Promoted, Mr. Lucas, It was a solid find, and besides yoosa know what it looks like.”

  16. caley

    “As they say on your show, “Live long and prosper”!”
    “You have no idea who I am, do you?”
    “C’mon, man, do I LOOK like I watched Star Trek in college?!”

  17. Later

    “Stop destroying classic films or i will destroy you”

  18. journalschism

    “So how’s that fine brown sugah is working out for ya?” — Pick who said it

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