1. Why the fuck would you name your child “Pooch”? Was that his mom’s way of telling everyone his father was a bitch?

  2. Swearin

    Pooch was THE WORST thing to happen to Itchy and Scratchy

  3. “Now Mr. Voight, slip the ring on his finger and repeat after me…”

  4. “I wanna tell you girl scouts a story, about a magical land where it never rained. The end.”

  5. Cletus

    I wonder if Jon’s gonna screw the Pooch…

  6. “Which one of my grand kids are you again?”

  7. Ah yes, I remember him from “Mr Pooch’s Wild Ride”

  8. Ron

    Wow no racist jokes?! Congratulations white people of the superficial. I am so proud of you.

  9. tlmck

    When did Usher change his name? Is it a Snoop Dog type of thing?

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