1. “So listen, they’re looking to green light Expendables 4,5 and 6…”

  2. cajunhawk

    Ivan Drago doesn’t like having brunch with Gary Shandling.

  3. Don Draper's Dad

    He’s very good.

  4. Yeah, I sulked like that, too, when someone told me I couldn’t go to Disneyland.

  5. Hey Dolphie the cheesey bread is coming right out

  6. “So, Dolph…do you mind if I call you Dolph? Dolph, how about just you and me get outta this rat trap and get comfortable back at my place in Malibu? I’ve got a great bottle of Syrah and the hot tub is fired up to a nice 103 degrees. What? No! You don’t need a swimsuit! Whadda ya say? Shall I have the valet get my car? Wait…what? You ARE the valet?”

  7. Short Round

    So he did a split between two trucks? Well, let’s see if he can do a split between two chairs while sitting down!

  8. JimBB

    Did Gary Shandling just break up with him?

  9. Guest

    “Look, I know you told me to not wear baby blue because you’d be wearing it, but this is the only clean shirt I had!”

  10. He must break me.

  11. “I’m tellin’ ya, Dolph… Steve Guttenberg went and got all old and fat and shit”.
    “Nope! I ain’t gonna believe it. No way a smooth operator like Mahoney would let that happen”.

  12. What an angry Russian boxer!

  13. “NO! I don’t want a cheeseburger. I want ice cream…”

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