1. “Toronto Caribbean Carnival” is the most obviously made up event.
    Nice one, pretty clever for a junkie…

  2. Toronno

    Oh my god. It’s happened. He’s on The Superficial. (And this is a real event, by the way. Most of us probably still call it by the old name, Caribana.)

    • Actually, most of us know better than to go there – you never know when an errant bullet fired by an intoxicated gangbanger who probably sold Fat Man Ford some crack will hit you….

  3. someone

    “That’s right. Suck on my pig sweat you naugty african princess. Make my triple chin quiver with glee…”

  4. After she kissed him, she didn’t come off her contact high for hours.

  5. “I’m about ready to do some crack…but first, let me take a selfie.”

  6. “Yes, I do have crack.”

  7. America would be SO better off with Ford in the White House, than with the gay crackhead non-American jihadi you’re saddled with. Say, how’s that Southern border, you assholes? Did you know Canadians face tougher security entering the U.S. than do 0bama’s fellow jihadi “OTM” from Mexico?

  8. donkeylicks

    Riding dirty, no doubt… With their… Bubba Kush.

  9. She looks pretty fucking good. I do believe I’m jealous.

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