1. renotastic

    If you want to hate someone, look at their TV shows.

  2. Having no interest in alcohol, I prefer to look at their tits.

  3. “Time for a bra, honey,” said gravity.

  4. Really...?

    Its almost like the more brazilian football players souls her nation claims the better she looks.


  5. fred

    “Look, mister. I don’t care what you heard, I will NOT have sex with just any bald black guy with bad pockmarks on his face, big muscles, and a pimping purple suit.”

  6. I’m pretty sure that’s not the location on the human body that boobs belong.

  7. “Look, we’re divorced. It’s over. Get it? Good. If you keep coming around bugging me I’ll never get another man to ask me out.”

  8. Pretty sure that guy’s not looking at her vodka.

  9. harsky & starch

    Let it all hang out now Heidi…cause you got about 2 or 3 more years MAX to keep pulling this “look” off.

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