1. Cock Dr

    For realz? That’s Tom Cruise? For Xenu’s sake get that man a diuretic ASAP.

  2. Hopalong

    The last time I saw that hair style was in “There’s Something About Mary”.

  3. Ghenghis Khanstein

    Looks like he just had a gay old time.

  4. He looks like he had fun.

  5. He looks like a smaller version of Mickey Rooney.

  6. Ronaldo

    Time is finally catching on with Tom

  7. not that i care – but i’m bored… that ain’t Tom Cruise.

  8. someone

    “This damn butt plug is extra uncomfotable. They must of ignored me when I told them that I needed the little-big man version!”

  9. Dole

    Why is his faced all puffy?

  10. I think someone partook of some wine with dinner.

  11. Good to see Big Boy is still putting it out there!

  12. toopier

    …and starring Tom Cruise, as the Beaver?

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