1. This must be her creative process for generating a #1 pop single.

  2. “If you’d taken that position a few more times we’d still be married, love” said Russell Brand.

  3. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    “Prism” is another word for “vagina” now?

  4. Did she straddle someone’s BBQ?

  5. nomnomnom

    Looks a bit waffle coneish down there.

  6. Piper

    Does…um… does she have gills down there?

  7. someone

    “And you thought whip cream shooting out of my tits was edgy. Watch this!”

  8. It looks like someone took a meat mallet to her thighs. Not sure if I want to see whether her vagina has been swissed or not.

  9. Short Round

    Compared to Miley Cyrus she’s a nun. A nun with luscious, beautiful boobs.

  10. Depends are a fashion statement?

  11. George P Burdell

    I get the Jedi mind trick thing, but what is she making them see?

  12. anonym

    Katy is the most covered up entertainer out there right now.

    Full chest plate, granny panties. You can’t see any of her assets.

  13. Damn. If I could vocalize all the ideas and fantasies wandering about in my skull right now…

    • But that would take an intellect and as you’ve made readily apparent on her, you lack one.

      • Well, I’ll admit, I’m not quite right in the head. But I’d still like to perform abominable acts against nature on her (some of them that are illegal unless you’re doin’ it to someone in your immediate family).

  14. El Guso

    I’d definitely would like to have some of that pie

  15. anonymous

    “Katy, how many guys did blow to get your album made?”

  16. “I want to go to there…”

  17. Why are we posting her? I thought her moment of relevance was over.

  18. “You’re gonna hear me roar
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    You’ll hear me roar
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    You’re gonna hear me roar..”

  19. “Let me warn the people in the front row that there might be some spray following my ping pong ball trick.

  20. This reminds me of my birthday.

  21. icu

    Suddenly I’m in the mood for a chopped beef bbq sandwich!

  22. “♫ Squat! -in the naame of loove, be-fore I break a faart! ♫ “

  23. Bet there’s a whole lotta illuminati stink goin on down there…

  24. Part Predator, part Power Puff Girl. All queef.

  25. Flatliner

    Katie has very good Cleveland Steamer form…but can she deliver?

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