1. Let’s see…where is the Instagram Herpes filter on this thing?

  2. I’m convinced she’s a witch. One minute she looks like your typical meth head selling sex on the streets for her next fix. The next she’s downright beautiful and looks like she would’ve if she had stayed away from drugs and drama and lived up to her potential.

    What the fuck is going on?

  3. Fired from the new job already?

  4. JC

    Lovin’ life! #I’mSkippingRehearsalsForMyPlayAgain

  5. someone

    The very definition of “average”.

  6. Short Round

    After minutes of observing this picture finally figured out what’s bothering me about it, not big enough sunglasses.

  7. someone

    Looks like Lindsay’s been on here giving her opinion.

  8. I’ll be go to hell. I believe those are the same lips she gives blowjobs with. What are the odds?

  9. Ian

    Actually, she’s kinda cute here; a little too much filler in her lips maybe, but still do-able.

  10. buzz

    She put a new profile pic for adultfriendfinder?

  11. If you enlarge the photo, you can see reflected in her glasses the naked guy she just sucked off dozing on the lounge chair. I assume he owns a night club, or knows the words “sure, I’m a producer…why not”

  12. Atomicbetty

    I do like her stolen necklace….

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