1. Having sex with her is probably similar to rubbing your dick on a pile of sand. Except the pile of sand would be more into it.

  2. In every picture like this there’s a terminator looking to kill Sarah Connor.

  3. JC

    Save the smug looks for when you can keep a boyfriend for more than 4 days, sweetie.

  4. “Are you Sarah Connor?”

  5. If you look carefully, you can begin to see the tell-tale cat-like facial attributes of the cat lady she will eventually become.

  6. Dole

    Pictures of her always creep me out.

  7. Ralph

    Crazy as bat Shit.

  8. Wayner

    To the guy with the satchel bomb behind her…now, for fuck sake, throw it NOW

  9. “I’m a pretty princess- I’m a pretty princess- I’m a pretty princess…”

  10. Every time I see Taylor, I am glad that Kim hasn’t eaten her yet. Stay on the east coast, T.

  11. Her hair is Field Mouse with Rickets by L’oreal.

  12. Spleen


  13. Hate Mongrel

    No way that’s a person. It’s a mannequin.

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