1. tom

    fatty fatty fatty fat

  2. Slowly expanding…..this explains the flooding of pictures of herself from 10 years ago on her instagram feed…

  3. You’ll be back in fighting shape in no time, baby. Still fucking sexy.

  4. Stand back Tom and Deacon. I’ll take one for the team and fuck her blue.

  5. anonymous

    For a woman who works out or pretends to work out all the time, she’s soft as hell.

    What’s she doing? Bike riding for a hour before eating some large pizza with a side of nachos?

  6. someone


  7. She’s gaining on me.

  8. Just a tad on the chunky side. Just they way I like her.

  9. buzz

    That freak of a boyfriend of hers won’t share the ‘roids so she can lean out a bit?

  10. Dole

    First Hilary Duff, now this.
    Fish definatly has a thing for the chunky chicks.

  11. Sorry guys, but without the boobs I’m pretty sure none of you would give a second glance if she rode past you on the street.

  12. just more of her to stalk…

  13. donkeylicks

    God, I wish I was that bicycle seat!

  14. Kelly the belly!

  15. Must be the off season, she looks at least 20lbs and a cup size more talented.

  16. Freddie Mercury

    ‘Get on your bikes and ride!’

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