1. Is he trying to one up Macaulay for the crazy award?

  2. “When I got into my late 50s I started growing a beard. Not just your average beard, but something a little more crazy, something I had always wanted to do. Winnie never let me do it and she wasn’t around anymore to stop me since Paul and I buried her in the yard.”

  3. ‘Yer a Wizard, Daniel!

  4. JimBB

    No, I am not currently on a PBS children’s show, nor am I legally allowed on PBS property. But I would like to be.

  5. “Well, life on the plantation hasn’t been the same – I say, the same – since the end of the war of northern aggression.”

  6. He just doesn’t look right without the iron mark on his face.

  7. “Daniel Ster- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!”

  8. Johnny Barbells

    ‘blue thunder’ was a long time ago…

  9. Charles Darwin looks pretty good

  10. Jackmac

    Colonel Angus

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