1. Cock Dr


  2. TVisme

    They all look horrible

  3. Sorbo and Ferrigno. Herculi.

  4. Abby Normal

    “How high can I piss on that wall with no hands? Let’s see…”

  5. malberry

    If he made “Sorbo Sorbet” I would eat it every night.

  6. tlmck

    Everyone already knows Kevin.

  7. Colin

    I just remembered who this is. Lucy Lawless is definitely aging better.

  8. kristina

    kevin FUCKING sorbo? since when do i give a FUCK about kevin sorbo. this shit has just gotten too mother fucking basic for me.

  9. vitobonespur

    Kevin Sorbo shows that he can be just as gay as the next guy…who just happens to be Neil Patrick Harris.

  10. GuidotheRed

    Do I have Xena on my shoe?

  11. It had to be said

    Does Monaco only get American reruns from the 1980s and 1990s? They know that these shows are either canceled or buried on obscure cable channels here, right?

  12. sc4play

    Do these jeans make my ass look fat?

  13. DeucePickle

    Jeff Foxworthy will do anything for attention !

  14. TomFrank

    “They didn’t let me dance when I was Hercules. Not once. I begged and pleaded, but they said no. So now, if you’ll indulge me…”

  15. Deacon Jones

    (Publicist on phone with hotel, violently whispering)
    “What. The FUCK was so unclear when I told you “Kevin Sorbo can not HAVE ACCESS TO A WET BAR!”

  16. Steven

    “I’m sorry about all this. I didn’t go before I came here, as my mum always said I should. You can’t get arrested for peeing in public. Am I right?”

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