1. ignorant attention whore…

    • vitobonespur

      Why do you take issue with her being an “ignorant attention whore”? They’re ALL ignorant attention whores. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in here and there would most likely be no gossip blog in which you could complain.

      Belly-aching here about attention whores is like going to IHOP and complaining about pancakes.

      Celebrities…shitheads…attention whores…large paychecks…are you getting the connection now?

  2. bbiowa

    Bristol Palin fan club president.

  3. vitobonespur

    Here we see Jenelle Evans praying at the altar in her new SUV/Cathedral: “God, you gave me a fairly decent ass…what happened to my face, and how come no tits?”

  4. Looks like she accidentally left the FlipCam mounted from the back seat video she made last night. Touché, Kardashian and Hilton, three can play at that!

  5. The saddest thing is, I can almost *hear* the dumbfuck kids people raise these days sitting at home watching these shows and saying to themselves “OMG all I have to do is, like, get preggo, and I get to be on reality tv and get money doing interviews and shit” Ughhhh…..

  6. PLEASE STOP USING THE WORD “STAR” SO GODDAMN LOOSELY!! sheezzzzz a slut, thank you.

  7. baron of all media

    Nice rump. I want to make sex in it. Can’t make babies that way, either so everybody wins! Where’s the downside?

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