1. Satan's bitch

    Mmmmmm… delicious. Thanks, PB!

  2. Tracey

    He smells nice.

  3. Nice shirt. Does he even know what a hockey puck is?

  4. Colin

    First Matthew McConaughey and now this? What is this, “People I Cared About Until They Discovered Shirts Day”?

  5. michmasterflex

    is he a canadian???

  6. Mike

    And this is interesting because?
    This whole feature is becoming more tedious by the day.

  7. UnholyKrep

    Fruit salad. Shirt on.

    Girls sad, guys glad.

    Can you climb the stairs?

    Oooo kay.

  8. lerxt

    Bold move wearing a Vancouver Canucks t-shirt in Toronto Maple Leafs country…

  9. It had to be said

    Common is cool.

  10. “Look over there. Now look over here. I have fruit salad. Now look over here a little closer. You’re going to toss my salad now.”

  11. Jovy

    Sexy is as sexy does.

  12. bonerofcuntention

    Go nucks!

  13. KC

    Look at your hockey team.
    Now look at mine.
    Sadly, your team is not winning like mine.
    Oh wait, my team just lost two games in a row and were outscored 12-1.
    My team also dives, makes cheap hits and bites fingers.
    Maybe you can look back at your hockey team.

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