1. Ponkur

    Looks guilty about something. What’s with all the toilet roll?

  2. Cock Dr

    Are they going to TP some poor Italian? Haven’t they punished that country enough?

  3. Username

    Rice crackers, two mops and toilet paper? Her body is still adjusting to the Italian semen.

  4. RivernEygpt

    Jersey Shore “Star” what a phrase….

  5. Colin

    Proof that their Snooki isn’t housetrained yet.

  6. vitobonespur

    Apparently Deena Cortese failed to take everyone’s advice and drank the water in Florence.

  7. holymoly

    fucking snooki.

  8. Brennan Haley

    This Jersey Shore supporting actress’s main gruesome task might be to wipe Snooki’s ass after a big night of clams, linguine and sperm, but she still makes more than a mechanic or a dentist. What’s in your wallet?

  9. Give the girl a break. Keep in mind, Snooki uses a full roll per wipe. Either that or bunny rabbits.

  10. fartbucket

    So THAT’s what they keep in those stupid suitcases they’re always dragging around.

  11. The rice cake and toilet paper diet. It’s a Jersey thing.

  12. This photograph is a great analogy to her “career”.

  13. baron of all media

    “Mmmmm will 8 rolls be enough? I have been eating a lot of cheese lately. Again…”

  14. Squishy

    My lips are sealed and my eyelids are blue…

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