1. Ponkur

    OK, something’s happened. Something that requires absorption.

  2. Because carts are for pussies.

  3. Asoto

    Scrolling the picture from the bottom to the top: Ok, that’s nice…what’s with all the paper?!…Ooohh! That’s just nasty!

  4. bbiowa

    Because Italy doesn’t have Cherokee Hair Tampons?

    • dotmatrix

      Those actually are Italian tampons, but they don’t have them in JWoww’s size. Too bad, she’ll just have to double up.

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    carts are complicated.

  6. cc

    Where does she have the plastic utensils?

  7. Ruth

    Between the two, another old growth forest bites the dust…

  8. holymoly

    again, fucking snooki

  9. RHawk

    If that skirt were a little shorter, you would see some serious old growth. The good news is it is most likely green.

  10. Brennan Haley

    Nobody told Jwow that she can get the new chick to wipe her ass for her. Snap!!

  11. TomFrank

    The only explanation I can think of for these shopping pics: This season on Jersey Shore—Italy Supermarket Scavenger Hunt!

  12. Jill_Ess

    The Bestest.

  13. bbiowa, I’ll scalp your monkey ass & make a teepee outta your mama’s panties if you don’t explain what the fuck you meant by Cherokee hair tampons.

  14. KC

    It takes a lot to clean up after Snookie.

  15. dinky

    Was the cast of JS deported to Italy? Leave us europeans alone! If you take this walking Herpes army back, we might stop charging you ridiculous prices upon hearing your american accent next time you’re here on holidays.

  16. baron of all media

    If the next picture is Snooki buying a clothesline, I’m going to assume Florence, Italy doesn’t have tampons for sale.

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