1. Ponkur

    Argh, this outfit is crying out for a scarf!

  2. Tracey

    *sigh* Charlie Sheen hates me, sob…….

  3. Asoto

    Douchebag Pose #2: The new-in-town depressed farmer.

  4. The man who will be blamed for destroying Two and Half Men.

  5. Ellen

    He looks like a character in an van Gogh painting.

  6. whiskeyafternoon

    Johnny Depp used to have better taste.

  7. vitobonespur

    What with all the young pussy wandering around Hollywood, and taking a second for himself, Ashton Kutcher ponders his decision to marry a woman 20 years his senior.

  8. It had to be said

    Mr. Smith needs to shave if he’s going to save America.

  9. Brennan Haley

    That’s Bruce’s hat! Oh, no, he dadn’t!!

  10. Skeezicks

    Apparently Demi digs the Red Skelton Hobo look in a man. She’s dating herself with that. Carbon dating.

  11. “Oh for God’s sake, Demi. It was just a little harmless flirting. Now stop grovelling and get the hell up. People are starting to stare.”

  12. God I wish he was dead…

  13. That’s exactly how I start dressing too right after I finally get a job.

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