1. Urbanspaceman

    Suzy Parker would never have been caught in public looking like this.

  2. M

    Beef jerky anyone?

  3. Tracey

    Really Ms Skeletor, put that shit away already!

  4. Why the hell do you keep putting pictures of her up???

  5. Still would do her over Snookie. I think Janice would try harder…

  6. Auston

    Selena Gomez??

  7. Asoto

    If you think this is nasty, imagine Janice and Paz de la Huerta fighting for cocaine spread all over Abe Vigoda’s ass crack. Try and get that picture out of your head now…

  8. Mike Walker

    She looks strangely young in that photo.

  9. Chris

    A woman made entirely of sinew and tendons

  10. DogBoy

    Steven usually doesn’t wear clothing this masculine. Way to man up, Mr. Tyler.

  11. elaine benes

    UGH! When the doctor was removing every-single-ounce of fat from my body, he PROMISED that when he cut my arm from armpit to elbow that the scar wouldn’t show! I guess I should have another surgery.

  12. UnholyKrep

    Dude looks like a lady, or

    Thing looks (sort of) like a human?

    You be the judge.

  13. Upset that she gained a little weight, Janice decided that she didn’t really need all those fingers anyway.

  14. Somebody’s been climbing the ugly tree again.

  15. Siloporcen7

    Her eyes look like that tiger/cat lady who holds the record for too much plastic surgery

  16. “Yeah. Ask me just one more time to sing Back In The Saddle, and so help me I’ll split your lip.”

  17. She needs to challenge Madonna to an arm wrestling contest. Whomever’s veins burst first is loser.

  18. alex

    Poor thing.

  19. Paz De La Huerta in 60 years.

  20. Squishy

    At least she has clothes on for a change!

  21. Chupacabra

    Ooh, we caught Paz De La Huerta with her clothes on…

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